Thursday, June 22, 2017

The End of an Era (Another One)

We thought we'd never see the end of Molly's softball season this year. The league's championship game which had gotten rained out the night before was to be continued this past Monday evening. The team we were playing was one who shellacked us on Saturday 23-8 or something awful like that giving us our very first loss of the season. That same team was the team we beat in a very close game at the beginning of the tournament, giving them their very first loss of the season.  It was going to be a tense game and quite frankly, the rain on Sunday evening was a relief and a bummer at the same time. So, Monday evening we saddled our lawn chairs and settled in for a game and a half. The forecast was clear and we were ready to take our beating…or so I thought. 

Happily our girls were able to hang pretty well and keep the score close through the first two innings and then in the third inning they kept the other team from scoring at all. By the end of the fourth inning, our team had pulled the lead to 10-5 in with our very own Molly hitting a triple and driving in a few runs and then being driven in herself with the next batter. 

As Molly was rounding the bases to third, the skies unloaded in protest to the clear forecast just like they had the night before! Since the game was considered complete at the end of the fourth inning, all we had to do was wait for the umpire to call the game (which was bound to happen since they field had quickly turned into one huge puddle), and collect the trophies. We all agreed that this was surely a bitter pill for the opposing team and felt a bit bad for them but we enjoyed the victory all the same, especially as it was Molly's last year and last game on this special team.

They celebrated at McDonald's afterward with chicken nuggets and ice cream cones and so ended the Wright family's career in Foxtail Softball. 

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