Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Month Full of Nourishment {and a 31 Day Challenge}

As I go about living the life I’m called to here on this earth, particularly as a wife and as a mother, the word nourish seems to best define my purpose. Nourish means to provide someone or something with food and other things that are needed to live or to be healthy. Another definition of nourish is to cause something to develop or grow stronger. I want to do just that for my family, to fill them with things that will make them develop and grow stronger and be healthy. Food, of course is the first thing we consider when thinking of filling the body toward health and I’m all for that, but what else does nourishing entail? 

I believe that nourishing involves not only feeding the body, but the soul and the mind as well with the tools that I have at the ready and with a heart that has this goal always before it. I also believe that to be an instrument of nourishment, one must also be willing to stop and be nourished oneself. 

Every October The Nesting Place hosts a 31 Day Challenge in which bloggers create and post new material every day in October. Bloggers are asked to choose a theme and then write and write and write on that topic. 

This October, as the fall gets all comfy and settled in, I’d like to explore just what it means to experience and to provide nourishment in the context of faith (to cause to grow stronger) family (to provide with things that are needed to develop) and food (to fill with things that will make them healthy).

Each day I will update this page which is linked to the button on the right and will have the list of all 31 posts in the Nourish series. The button on the right will bring you directly to this page which will be NOURISH central for following all nourish posts both now and ... in the future! 

Day 1: Introduction (You are HERE:-)
Day 2: For the Hearts and Souls in Us All
Day 3: Everyday Something Known
Day 4: Laugh a Little
Day 5: Sunday Food
Day 6: When to Receive
Day 7: Well Chosen Words
Day 8: Waffles on Wednesday
Day 9: Replenishers vs. Depleters
Day 10: Come Anyway
Day 11: Small Things Matter
Day 12: Easy Sunday Chicken
Day 13: Go Outside
Day 14: Listen Up!
Day 15: A Less Ambitious Endeavor
Day 16: Nourish by Noticing
Day 17: Don't Wait for the Empty Nest
Day 18: Grin a Little...
Day 19: Easy Sunday Soup
Day 20: On the Feeding of Others
Day 21: Words Between Mouthfuls
Day 22: Some Pages for Your Soul
Day 23: Making the Wheels Turn More Smoothly
Day 24: To Nourish Us as We Age
Day 25: To Keep the Mind Fresh
Day 26: My Go To Meal for Make Ahead, Eat In, Take Out, Stick It In the Freezer, Company's  
              Coming, Sunday Dinner
Day 27: Stepping Out of Normal
Day 28: For the First Grader in Us All
Day 29: Create Something...Anything!
Day 30: Hide It In Your Heart
Day 31: The Little Works

"To nourish someone is to feed them deeply something that’s very good for them."
~Alice Waters


G'ma suz said...

Your future as a millionaire would be locked if you were a book saleswoman! Makes me want to read everything you write about. You are a millionaire already to your children and hubby!! Love Mom

Amanda Simkin said...

Hi There--I am a fellow 31 Dayer blogging about family...looking forward to catching up with your posts from October!

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