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Hi there! My name is Gretchen though I mostly answer to "Hey Honey" or "Hey Mom" and often I'm introduced as "our Pastor's wife." I'm living an overflowing life as a mother to four cool kids who are growing way too fast and a wife to my Man who, after almost 18 years of marriage still gives me butterflies.

God has blessed me ridiculously with this family of mine and one of my life's goals is to treat each one of them as the blessing that they are. Cole, our first born, is a sports nut, and can spout of statistics like nobody's business. Meg, just 13 months Cole's junior, it the musician in our family and a studier of people, I always learn interesting things from her point of view. Kate is the diva of our gang with a fashion sense that I've never possessed and a growing love of sports. Molly, the youngest member of the family is full of words and expressions, most of which keep us bent in laughter.

"The Wright Place" blog began as a way to document family memories and events, but quickly evolved into a site where on any given day you can find a simple recipe to prepare for your loved ones or a paragraph or two about a book or cookbook that has our attention at the moment, but mostly you'll find posts that are written from the heart of a Christian mamma who does her best to find humor, joy, and purpose in the dailyness of marriage, and parenting, and the keeping of a home.

Basically, we love laughing, ice cream, reading, Toby Mac, coffee, ukelele tunes, snuggling freshly awakened kids with morning breath, Sonic, football season, book stores, big pots of soup, giggling fashionistas, birthday cake for breakfast, singing at the top of our lungs, and most of the time...ONE ANOTHER!

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Thanks for stopping by! Your time is precious and we're honored that you've spent some here at The Wright Place!

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