Saturday, May 30, 2009


We're all blogging now. When encouraged by Sudeana to begin blogging, I thought it would be such a fun way to record all of "those things". "Those things" or course, are the stories I tell friends and family about the goings on in our home to which they usually respond, "You've gotta write that down before you forget it." I used to secretly laugh at those poor people who thought I'd actually forget those crazy moments. Now, I find myself wishing I'd have listened. Too many crazy moments later, I can't remember much. Enter blogging.

As I sat down to begin the creation of this blog, Cole, Meg and Kate were watching the movie "Beethoven". My plan was to join them on the couch and quietly see this project through from beginning to end while they remained undisturbed and most importantly, uninterested by my presence. However, as goes with the best laid plans, one by one, the scenes on my computer screen became more appealing than did poor old Beethoven. After explaining my mission and even showing them the example of Aunt Sudeana's blog, they became fountains of creativity.
"Can I add book reviews to our blog?" asked Cole. Meg chimed in, "I'd like to add my daydreams. Can I?" Oh Boy!

The solution was simple--Cole and Megan could have their own blogs to do with as they pleased and I could finish my project in peace. Except. . .it seems that their eager minds couldn't rest after the promise of entry into the brave new world of blogging. When Darrin returned home from a meeting that evening just in time to tuck them in, the children told him all about their promised blogs and about our family's blog. My very intrigued hubby was thrilled about the idea of a family blog and then said, "Do you think you could set one up for me too?"

It took a few days and lots of "reminding" from the kids, but my project is now mostly finished. There are four blogs up and running. There is one blog for which I can claim no responsibility. Darrin, tired of waiting in line for a blog, created his own. It's called "Life and Doctrine" and I can't wait to read it. Cole's and Meg's have been a blast and hopefully will keep their writing skills honed throughout the summer.
I've really learned a lot about blogging in the past few days, but it appears that I'll have the opportunity to learn even more about those with whom I live in the days to come!


aunt suz said...

This is great for us too! A great way to keep up day by day when the ringing phone is far out of reach. G'ma

tanner said...

I love yor blog Mrs. Gretchen. It's me Tanner.

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