Friday, February 25, 2011

O Jackie!

Each time Molly scoots off with my Mom and Grandma I receive an emailed photo like this...

I cannot imagine why my daughter insists on covering 47% of her face with these sunglasses when in the presence of my mother.  Molly is way too young to remember this particular fad's creator. In fact, I'm almost not old enough to remember this fad's creator. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, wife of the late president John F. Kennedy, began wearing large Herm├Ęs sunglasses in the late 1960s after her marriage to Aristotle Onassis.  She is pictured below in her famous frames:

It does occur to me that I do know someone who may perhaps be old enough to remember this fad in all of its glory...
...make that TWO someones! 
My Mom and Grandma are never without their "Jackie Os" as we call them. 

Which probably explains why Molly tends to look like this when she is in the company of these two fine fashion icons... they say...
"When in Rome..."

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