Friday, August 5, 2011

A "Little" Help

Our vacation days are coming to a close in a few days. We've one more mini-trip to prepare for so I enlisted a bit of help with the laundry...
                          (Turn your volume way up...)

...apparently she learned this skill from one of her favorite teachers...
Special Agent Oso who teaches preschoolers special skills early each morning on the Disney Channel (while their parents catch a few more minutes of sleep). Agent Oso is also responsible for teaching Molly how to Hula-hoop. Agent Oso, however, calls it a Hoop-A-Loop and therefore, so does Molly...

Wonder if Special Agent Oso knows Latin or maybe chemistry??

Happy Weekend!!
(Fun recipes coming next week...stay tuned!)


Sudeana said...

Way too cute!! Love that girl!

Rachel Clarke said...

oh, Mrs. Wright. I just love your family. I can remember Catherine imitating jack and rolling up her clothes. How CUTE!!

Andrea C.

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