Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Haircut...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had chocolate cake all over her face.
Chocolate cake and Kool Aid, that is.

In addition to all of the chocolate and the Kool Aid was the problem of The Bangs. The Bangs had reached St. Bernard status.
All was not lost, Mrs. Tina, hair stylist extraordinaire, had been called earlier and was expecting the little girl.
As the little girl ascended the swiveling throne of beauty, she flashed her attendants a winning smile. Oh how she loves her throne.

Mrs. Tina set quickly to work and began to fashion a hairstyle reminiscent of a bygone era...
(Kate, September 2010)

As I was saying, the little girl adores her throne!
Honestly, who WOULDN'T be in a super mood wearing those shoes??
Lots of hair fell to the floor and then...

...the little girl got very serious.

Just to here Mrs. Tina...there's an awful lot of hair on the floor, you know.
All done! What a dooooo!

Let's take it out for a spin...
Yep! It's a keeper...
Just like the little girl herself!

The little girl didn't want her hair washed for days because she was fearful that the shampoo would wash away her special hair cut!! 

Her mommy was very careful not to wash away the haircut and the little girl lived happily ever after...

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