Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Monday...

It was a long, cold, dreary weekend. 
So long and cold and dreary was it that I actually looked forward to today, Monday.
The reasons for my Monday mania were:

1. There was Pumpkin Coffee Cake for breakfast from a recipe I found here.
2. My Man has Mondays off.
3. This Sunday, well it was...tricky.
4. Yummy soup was on the menu for dinner (which was made mostly by Molly).
5. There was PIE for a bedtime snack...
6. The kids and I were going to finish a read-aloud book that we've been working on for over a month (which we did NOT accomplish).
7. My Man had big plans to make the children's big seasonal clothing transfer, sparing me from the arduous task (3/4 of which he absolutely DID accomplish =-).

While all of those reasons propelled me toward Monday, 
the main reason for my yearning is this...
My Man, Me, and...

Every Monday night at 10 pm we meet on the couch and watch Castle, our show. It's about a mystery writer, Richard Castle, who teams up with homicide detective Kate Beckett to get ideas and inspiration  for his ongoing series of mystery novels. The running plot involves a growing-by-centimeters-romance between the two main characters. It reminds me very much of my favorite childhood show Remington Steele.

It's total fun, light-hearted, decent entertainment and a wonderful way to ensure that My Man and I will stop, sit, and share some real estate on the couch as the week begins. Some weeks, it's the only time we're likely to spend in the same room awake AND alone, so we really try to be faithful to this time together.
It was good. 
This is why...

Gotta go! Our show's on!!

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