Monday, September 17, 2012

A Little "Gyoo" & A Song for You Too...

Molly Joy here. 
I'm on vacation.

The other day, my couthins and aunts and uncles AND my Grandma & Poppy all came to join us at the beach. 
I'm yovin' having all these fresh kidth to play with...

...and my aunts have been pretty handy to have around too.
Aunt Beck turns out to be a back scratchin' machine!

My Dad is getting a bit of R & R...

Reading and...

{ Yook out Cole!!!!!}

Dad played in the pool wiff me too. He taught me how to jump in to him...

...and then, I thought it would be yots of fun if I jumped in to mythelf.

Thadly, I wath misthaken. 

Turnth out ya can't catch yourthelf in the pool BUT the edge of the pool thure can catch you. 

Mom taped me up a yittle but it was decided that a visit to the ER was my next thtop. 

My Dad felt awful. He thaid he'd done the same thing when he wath four years old on vacation at the beach. He had to get thtitches he said.

"THTICHES?" I said. 

Then I cried...a yot.

The doctor thaid that I only needed gyoo on my busthted chin and no THTICHES!
Thith was ethpecially good news because my Mom and Dad would N-E-V-E-R have thtayed conscious for that kind of drama. 
The doctor gyooed my chin but then the nurth came in and dropped a bomb on us. 
A bomb I'm telling ya! 
She said that I had to thtay out of the pool for 5 days until my gyoo came off!
 YIKES, my tan will never thurvive that kind of treatment. But what are ya gonna do, ya know?

Mom thaid I had to take a nap when we got back to the house but I told her that the covers on the bed would thtick to the gyoo on my chin and then how in the world could I get out of bed?

After she thtopped yaffing, she said I could thkip my nap. 

I sat out of da pool all day today, but tomorrow is gonna be a different thtory.

Dad went to the beach shop and got me a dinosaur float so I can be in the water without getting my chin all wet. That was my Uncle Mark's idea. 

They tell me he'th a doctor. 
I know...but that'th what they thaid.
He'th one there by my Dad...thorry about all that singing...
my Uncle Mark has such an influence on my Dad. 
I think the big kids call it peer pressure. 

My mom calls it thomething else entirely.

Anyway...back to me...
I've gotta go to bed now and get to syeep 'cause I've got a dinosaur that needs me to teach him how to thwim tomorrow!

So, good night syeep tight!

"Thurf's up!"

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Tiffany said...

Oh no, poor Molly!! Hope the "gyoo" stays in place, and that the rest of your vacation is accident-free! That dinosaur does look pretty fun though...!

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