Monday, December 31, 2012

A Little Rhyme for the Brand New Year

One contented mama, sitting on a window sill,
looking at a stack of books, enjoying peace until...

...a brown-eyed child appears, 
in her hands a princess book.

She climbs up in the window
to take another look.

Soon THIS young lady walks right up
to chat for just a while...

and another warm tobogganed kid
drops by to share a smile.

Four bookish happy cozy folks now sit
in the chilly window frame...

when a cute pink pair of boots trot up
who share the same last name.

Close behind that pair of cute pink boots,
my Man should happen by share a little grin with me,
then he sits and shuts his eyes.

A bookstore in the evening.
Falling snow to add some cheer.
My family gathered all around
to greet the brand New Year!

Happy Happy Happy Happy
New Year
The Wright Place!


G'ma suz said...

Happy New Year to all of you too. May 2013 hold many exciting book adventures and window sills in which to enjoy them. Mom

Tiffany said...

Cute! Hope your family has a most wonderful new year!

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