Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Laundry and The Vegetables

My Lego girl came cruising into the kitchen when I called her for dinner tonight.

She'd been hard at work all afternoon folding clothes which is a favorite chore of hers because upon completion of her chore she is well aware of where each piece of her clothing is located. She knows what is still to be washed, what is folded, and in which drawer she has placed each piece of her beloved wardrobe.

Handy knowledge for a girl who is mentally planning what she will wear to activities that are on next week's calendar.

Today, she went above and beyond the call...

So when she entered the kitchen and her brother was just spooning a pile of mixed vegetables onto her plate she looked at me and said...

"Hey, since I...ya know...folded all of that laundry today..." here she paused to tilt her head in the direction of the stacks, sorted and stacked..."how 'bout if I don't have to eat any of those vegetables?"

What I almost said...

"Oh no no no. We've gotta keep YOU healthy, so that you can do all that laundry again next week! Do you think you could see your way clear to eating a few servings of spinach and kale tonight too? How about some steak while we're at it and maybe some broccoli? Did you take your vitamins today?"

What I actually said...

"Oh, Kate. You gotta eat 'em."

Later I said, "And here...ten Legos for you!"

"Well," she said, "I'd think SO!"

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