Sunday, May 19, 2013

While Mom's Away...

Recently my Man and I left town on our annual retreat. Each year in May we travel just a few hours away where Darrin attends a pastor's conference and where I spend time alone in a hotel room reading and watching TV and going to local bookstores. Darrin enjoys being the one in the pew hearing teaching instead of doing the speaking and I enjoy being the one doing the reading instead of the one instructing others to do so. 

While we were gone, I sent an email to my Boy just to stay in touch and maybe to fan his competitive streak into to a bit of a flame. It's what moms do...hip moms, those on the cutting edge of technology and all those other things that the young people are all atwitter about these days. The email looked something like this... {links did not appear in the actual email ;-)

Email #1

Dearest Son Whom I Love,

After nearly one month of lackluster reading, {and of being terribly distracted by cookbooks with all of their shiny this one and this one} I'd like to report that I've finally finished my 20th book of 2013. I am therefore half way to my goal of 49 books this year. I am, I suspect, also making excellent strides at my more important goal which is BEATING YOU in this year's reading race. I am not, however beating Kate who should really let me stay ahead of her since I did teach her how to read in the first place...come to think of it, I taught you to read too way back in the dark ages of our acquaintance ...So how 'bout it? Do you think you can see your way to letting your dear mom win? {you'd better not...I'm not gonna let you win...I'm gonna go down fighting...if I go down at all that is!}

All my love,
Your Mom
Reader Extraordinaire

Email #2...the addendum...

I typed the previous email with 1 finger and made a mistake or goal is actually 40 books, more accurately making 20 the halfway point :-) Please pardon my math and do not go looking for a new math teacher...ok really, who are we kidding, I'm not exactly your math teacher, but I did hook you up with the cool computer program that is teaching you math and you are doing very well. Also, I forgot to include the name of the book I finished the twentieth one... Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me... (the one that I read part of out loud in the car when we were all traveling the other day and everyone got tickled). It was really fun and a bit sad and I loved the way it ended. I laughed out loud so many times while I was reading it. It might be a book you would like .

That is all!
Your Mom

Who Never Was a Math Whiz

If you have any experience with teenaged boys, you already know that I received no response from my taunting. My Boy will answer me back by reading 41 books and making sure to finish the last page of book #41 at three minutes until midnight on the last day of our reading contest

That's just the way he works.

While we were away, I also emailed a link to Cole and Meg asking them to read this article and tell me 5 things they learned from it. Everyone making an attempt to keep up with social media, technology, and entertainment and live a real-live life at the same time should read it too. The kids enjoyed the article and did a fine job summarizing it in five points via text message! 

Kids these days! {I love 'em!}

“If one reads enough books one has a fighting chance. 
Or better, one’s chances of survival increase with each book one reads.” 
— Sherman Alexie

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