Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Helllllooooooo Mooooommmmmm!?!?

Hi, it's me Molly Joy. I betcha you didn't recognize me cause I don't sound like a little kid anymore. See, I'm turning 5 soon and I've been working real hard on sayin stuff right. My mom's kinda sad about that. She says I sound kinda like a big kid now and not much like a preschooler anymore. I say woo hooooo to that cause all of my whole entire life I've been trying to get big like the big kids. I ask mom to measure me all the time just to remind her how very fast I'm coming along with this growing up thing.

Mom dosen't measure me much these days because she's busy. B.U.S.Y.

I'm busy too. I spend lots of time leaning out the door to the porch talking to my mom who seems to have taken up residence out there with her stack of books and her cups of coffee and of course, her camera. How else is she gonna be able to remember how little I once was if she doesn't take 42 pictures of me every day? 

Mom's just finished a couple of books that she had a difficult time putting down even to cook us dinner!
There's this one...

...I think it must have been really good. I heard Mom say that while she was reading one particular part about the characters being in a boat in the jungle, she was so nervous that her feet sweat...eeeewwwww! The lady who wrote this book is a very good author, Mom says. She also wrote a book called Bel Canto that Mom loved.

Another book that has been getting between me and my Mom was orange...

...she says she likes the relaxed style of the essays in this one. It's about being a Christian and being a writer and some other stuff too, I think. 

Sometimes when I pop my head out of this door I see her reading this one...

...and I kinda start thinking, "If we are going to have a meal with Jesus, somebody ought to put her book down and get in here and clean the kitchen and cook something!!"

Just sayin'.

When Mom reads this one, she's usually got a pen in her hand underlining lots of sentences. She says she's trying to learn more about how to do her job better. I wonder if there's a chapter in there about fixing lunch for your kids? 

That's me heading outside because Mom is reading that funny book that makes her smile and giggle...

She read a chapter of that book to my Grandma the other day and they laughed until the tears rolled down their cheeks. My Grandma ordered two copies of the book the next day. One for her and one to share. Mom read a chapter to us kids an boy oh boy did we laugh. She says that not every part is the kind of funny that makes you laugh out loud and makes you need to um...change clothes, but that every chapter celebrates family in such a charming way that she looks forward every day to reading it and is going to be sad when she's finished with it. 

When I see her reading THAT book (I LOVE the flowers on the cover!), I climb up on her lap and she reads it to me. I don't always get whats going on, but it's fun to be with Mom when she's laughing. Plus, as the saying goes...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

It's also fun to be with Mom when she's fixing lunch, but I've just about given up on that for the summer. Oh well, ya know what ELSE they say...

"If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself!" 

Around here, if you want it done AT ALL, you'd better do it yourself...
...or hide all of the books!

Thanks for visiting with me!
Molly Joy

“When we read a story, we inhabit it. The covers of the book are like a roof and four walls. What is to happen next will take place within the four walls of the story. And this is possible because the story's voice makes everything its own.” 
― John Berger


G'ma suz said...

Love that gal (oh, yes, I know~she prefers girl) AND her Mom. The story was really funny.
Thanks for sharing, Mom

Sudeana said...

Love it! You made me laugh and smile too!

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