Friday, August 16, 2013

Overheard at Dinner...

"Dad, your girlfriend is on the phone! She wants to talk to you."

My Man, taking the proffered pink plastic toy cell phone from Molly asked in a whispered voice holding his hand over the mouthpiece, "My girlfriend!? What's her name?"


"Can't it be Roxanne?" he asked.

"Nope. It's Joanne and she wants to talk to you. Tell her something."

"What should I tell her?"

"Oh," grinned Molly, "tell 'er something sweet!"

"Ok...Hi Joanne. What kind of pie do you like?"

The conversation was interrupted by a small chubby hand grabbing the phone and holding it tightly to her chest. "DON'T talk about pie to your girlfriend!"

"You said to talk about something sweet!"

"I said to say something sweet. I did not say to ask her about pie." She handed the phone back to him expectantly.

"Joanne, I'm about to eat some pie. What kind of pie do you like?"

"DO NOT talk any more about pie!" Molly instructed and nodded to the phone to prod him along.

"Hello, Joanne? How do you feel about noodles?"

After ending the "conversation" with "Joanne", my Man turned to Molly and explained, "Molly, Mommy is my real girlfriend. Do you know how long she's been my girlfriend? For over 20 years."

"Well, she's not your girlfriend now, she's your WIFE, and ya can't have BOTH."

"I really can," said my man to this little girl who would not be convinced.

"Which is better," I asked her, "for me to be Daddy's wife or for me to be his girlfriend?"

"For you to be my Mommy," said she grinning as she delivered what she knew was the perfect answer.

"Molly," I said, "what kind of pie do YOU like?"

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