Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shedding Tiny Tears... {a Guest Post}

Just a day or so after I posted the story of the doll hospital that my sisters and I used to run in our plastic kitchen (click here for that story), I received an email from a friend who graciously shared a special doll story from her childhood. After reading it and giving it to my Man to read and reading it aloud to my kids and my mom, it seemed only fitting to share it here. Happily my friend agreed to let me print her tale...


Those baby doll stories of yours from years ago ---oh gosh! So well written that even the stiffest grump in town would break a smile! I was picturing it -- incubators and examining tables, you three little sisters jabbering...and all! 

But when a sister grows up with THREE brothers -- all very close in age -- the baby doll thing doesn't have much of a chance!! Mom kept buying me those things every Christmas. I usually threw them behind a chair or under my bed and played "cars and trucks" or "cowboys and injuns" with the boys. 

My best move in a final effort to convince my mom baby dolls just were not my ideal, fun Christmas present preference --- was when I ended up with, yet again, this dainty, lovely little "Tiny Tears" doll when I was about six.

This sweet little doll spent several months being very much unattended to, much less getting special nursing attention through those winter time blues! Come spring, when my brothers and I discovered we didn't have anything to "play ball" with in the neighbor's to the house I went screaming, "I'll be RIGHT BACK! DON'T YOU GUYS GO ANYWHERE!!!" 

Us kids loved to play ball!! We would use anything!!! Baseballs were too hard and we didn't have any, anyway! We used rubber balls and tennis balls, which we could hit from Triadelphia (where we lived) into downtown Wheeling, it seemed. We even got so desperate other times we used my dad's roll of black tape--all wadded up into somewhat of a resemblance of a softer baseball. (Daddy was aghast more than once when he couldn't find his roll of tape!) And us kids used large ROCKS as our bases! It was the early 1950s! 

But on what later turned out to be a dreadful spring day, I had what I thought was a great idea!!! I knew of something me, Bill, Jim, Ronnie -- and a couple neighbor boys -- could take our wooden baseball club to!! I had ripped the RUBBER head off that "Tiny Tears" doll (she DID have the prettiest blue eyes)!!! For hours, we blasted that rubber head into what seemed like the far reaches of the neighbor's field, having the time of our lives laughing about every smack of the wood!!! 

Tiny's battered rubber head survived to play another day---so I thought. While we were gleefully outside playing, the "jig was up"!! Mom discovered a headless "Tiny Tears" doll on my bedroom floor!!  In my haste to rush back to the ball field before my brothers got sidetracked into some other shenanigan WITHOUT ME... I had neglected to "hide my deed" by giving the remainder of Miss Tiny a hard fling under the bed!! 

As it turned out, Mom did not take long in putting two and two she stood over me with a decapitated "Tiny Tears" baby doll. (No "nursing techniques" were gonna work for her!) My mother's highly skilled  interrogation techniques resulted in a quick confession. Let's just say my rear end hurt when it was all said and done...and none of us kids were allowed to play ball for what seemed like forever. 

But one thing for sure, there were no more baby dolls bought for little Judy! 


Judy's love of all things sports lives on today! She sat through many a girl's softball game with our family this summer. Little did we suspect she was imagining the head of Tiny Tears flying off of those bats!!

I found the picture of a Tiny Tears doll on eBay. It is the 1950s edition like the one my friend used to hit in the head with a bat play with. I have no "after" pictures of Tiny Tears and that's a merciful thing...I'm confident our imaginations can paint the better picture as it is!! 

Thanks Judy, for sharing your hilarious story!

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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G'ma suz said...

Too bad Tiny Tears did not realize there was a well established hospital for her two hours away.
Love the post. Mom

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