Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Softball Accessories and the Girls Who Wear Them...

The new softball season has begun. Practices are in full swing for Kate and Molly who are playing on different teams this year. Kate is playing with the older girls and Molly begins her very first year with her young team. 

{Kate at bat.}

Molly has been anxious to learn the skills that she feels she needs to thrive on the diamond. So eager was she that on the day of sign ups in January, my Man and I opened the garage door to find Molly catching grounders from Cole. She was under the impression that she needed to know all about the game before signing up and badgered Cole until he agreed to spend time in the ice cold garage teaching her what she wanted to know. 

During Kate's practice last night Molly drafted more members to her coaching team and training began in earnest. 

Then finally, it was time for Molly's first practice...
Batting went pretty well once she figured out what to do with those elbows...but fielding brought with it an extra challenge, the face mask. Last year this extra piece of equipment was optional and we opted not to use it as Kate had a few years of experience in the field and we were confident that she'd fare just fine with her face exposed. She did, but she never forgave us for denying her the pleasure of another accessory to add to her softball ensemble.

This year, much to Kate's extreme delight, the extra accessory was a required piece of equipment. Today it was a piece of equipment that caused Molly no small amount of hassle. When the ball was hit to her area of the field, she bent down to get it and her face mask fell to the ground. She picked up the ball, tucked it under her arm, bent down and picked up the mask, put it back on her head, and THEN threw the ball to first base. 

It's going to be a season to enjoy friends! Stay tuned!

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