Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Make Your Gal Grin...{a little}.

My Man and my kids had been working hard outside all morning. 

It was a day that threatened rain but in the meantime was delivering humidity by the bucket. I made an iced tea-lemonade combo from a powered mix I’d purchased. 

On a whim, I sliced a circle of lemon and added it to my Man’s tea before delivering it to him on the front steps where he and Cole were working.

After a long drink he said, “Wow!!” and then looked our boy in the eye, “Son,” he said with a serious voice, “marry well. Marry a woman who will care for you like this.”

{I might have grinned a little.}

Please note here that the THIS my Man was referring to was merely powdered drink mix and a lemon slice!! 

It was not because of a washed car or a hot meal made from scratch, it was not because of a freshly mowed lawn or even enough clean socks to make it through the week (as if!).

It was because of a little slice of lemon.

When life gives you lemons…put a slice in someone’s tea… at the very least, they’ll appreciate the thought, 

...and maybe, just maybe they’ll say just the right thing…an make you grin…{a little}.

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