Thursday, June 25, 2015

Close to You

It's Sonic season for the Wright's and we are participating as best we can. Molly's softball season wrapped up Tuesday evening with a big win and Kate's began last night with a victory. There's lots on the calendar this week, but not nearly as much as last week and for that we are thankful. The post below is from the archives (2011), but celebrates summer and our current softball player…Enjoy.

We were closing down a full day of vacation fun with a snack at one of our favorite hang-outs. Some of us were sagging, some of us were sunburnt, and some of us were just plain starving. Plopping down on picnic-table-style benches, the six of us were comfortably arranged...or so I thought.

"Doesn't anyone want to sit by me?" a weary voice queried.

"Hey, look you and Cole got seats by yourselves, you two are big time," I said...too tired lazy to engineer a seating change and hoping to make her less lonely with mere words.

Then a much deeper voice said, "Of course I want to sit by you!"

And with one little scoot…

...all was right in her world.

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