Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It has been figured that on average, a person spends approximately 30 minutes per day in the bathroom with fifteen minutes devoted to personal hygiene and fifteen to er...make use of the facilities.  I'd like to know who this person is who only spends 30 minutes per day in the bathroom.  I'm gonna guess that the individual in question does not have children and a man with whom they inevitably share their bathroom time. 

I think I spend 30 minutes per day in my bathroom begging one child or another to make an exit.  It is also within the realm of possibility that 30 minutes of my daily bathroom time is spent bathing others.  There's also time spent digging dried toothpaste from the sink and/or the carpet and don't forget the surprisingly important task of draining the tub toys (which ensures that the children are the only examples of growing life-forms in the tub)!  Does anybody wanna guess how long we all are in the bathroom at the same time on SUNDAY mornings?  Waaaay longer than than one half of an hour.

And what of time spent putting the "icing on the cake"?  On the advice of a time management book, I once timed myself to see how long it took me to apply my make-up.  Four minutes.  Four minutes, that is, without Molly's help.  She L-O-V-E-S loves helping me.  I often sneak into the bathroom and attempt to open the drawer with my cosmetics in it and slap on the stuff before being discovered, but I'm rarely successful.  It's a good day when I can catch her before she makes a chew toy out of my blush brush...gack!

What if a gal is having a bad hair day?  That, in itself, could add 30 minutes!

Anyway...if you are the kind of person who manages to spend an average of 30 or so minutes in your bathroom per day and if you live to the ripe old age of 85, you will have spent one and three quarter years of your life in the bathroom.

As we considered the age of our home and the number of generations who have already spent their year and three-quarters in our bathroom, we decided that our hard-working room needed a full scale make-over. 

Let me give you a tour of the "before"...

Not bad, until you look closely at the drawers and the little (from this far back) gaps around their edges. The cause of these gaps should be no surprise if you take note of the blue stool and the toy lurking on the floor...

My favorite feature of this bathroom is....

...the clothes chute! 
I can't wait for it to be usable again.  I miss it like I miss my dishwasher when it freezes up on me!

The "surround" of the shower is difficult to keep clean and is coming loose from the wall.  Not attractive.

It takes a brave woman to post pictures of her shower --washcloths and all-- and look at all of those bottles!  No wonder it takes me soooooo much longer than 30 minutes to get my game-face on!

And finally...

...the vanity and a good look at the walls. 

I defy you to name that color.  My children have called it many, many less than complimentary names since I chose the color a few years ago.  It is something like a mauve that really wants to be brown.  I was looking, unsuccessfully it turns out, for a nice contrast to the green counter top.  Oh well...

I really don't need to concern myself with that green counter top anymore...

...or the funny colored walls for that matter.

It was at this point that I ceased taking pictures and ran home to mamma

All of this remodeling wonderful-ness is being brought to you by the letter L as in Larry, my very able father-in-law!

He works for sweet tea and baby hugs. Two things we here at the Wright Place can abundantly supply!


Becky said...

I wonder if the average tie spent in the bathroom per day includes reading time?

Great pictures, can't wait to see the after pictures!

Jen H. said...

It's no wander you spend more than 30 minutes in there if you take your laptop with you!!

Lori said...

Cant wait to see the new and improved!

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