Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogging the Bathroom...Episode #87

On Friday we said good bye to Pappa, my very able father-in-law.  He packed his bags, sipped some tea, cleaned his tools, loaded his vehicle, wiped the snow from his vehicle, loaded the tools, hugged the children, and bid us a loving farewell.

Every Friday for the last 4 weeks Pappa has told us good bye, but this Friday was different because the following Monday, unlike every Monday for the past 4 weeks, Pappa would not be returning to us and the PROJECT.  Friday the PROJECT was complete.

Before I jump right to the ending, however, let me fill in the middle.  (Just like Ben & Jerry do...tap, tap,...is this thing on?)

When last we were in the bathroom, the shower tiling had just been completed to rave reviews.  Next the crown molding was added...

It was then time for the installation of the bathroom cabinet.

What a mighty fine Man.  Look at him hauling that beautiful cabinet up the basement stairs.  Maybe his strength is in his toboggan...

...or maybe it's in his father!!  After the cabinet was set, the clothes chute was cut out and pipes were connected. Then it was time for us to be exposed to something we thought we'd never have to set eyes on or feet on ever again...

...the old green tiled floor whose grout always stuck to our bare feet as we walked upon it.  We're talkin' nightmares here.  Larry and my Man had installed a new floor a few years ago to rescue us from the green tile, but that floor had to be replaced as the new additions did not have the same "footprints" as the old things.  So, down went the new flooring.

Things were rolling along beautifully, and it came time to light the place.  I had been planning on using my existing lights, so I dusted them off, handed them to my father-in-law who installed them lickety-split.  I was cleaning up from lunch when I heard, "Oh no...that's a problem." 

I peeked around the corner to check things out and was relieved to see that the PROJECT manager was already on the scene.

 Somehow, the vanity lights were shining brightly whether the switch was turned on or off.  This would prove more problematic than just fixing a wire or two as I had, at first, thought.  This little "bump in the road" would add a few days to the length in the project as my father-in-law had to cut into the freshly painted drywall, find the electric boxes and fix the problem. 

"I'm calling to report a problem.  Yes, sir...mmmmhummmm yup, that drywall's gonna have to go...let's move it!...

...Well, it looks like another three or four days should do it..."

The wiring was a simple fix and the task of patching the cut was performed with surgical skill.  The bathroom was repainted by my Man and we were back in business!

However...the reinstalled light fixtures were not to have a long life on the new wall...

I'll have to finish this in the next post.  I hate to "be continued" but let me just say it involved no fewer than three trips to Lowe's, an irate baby, a wilted thirtysomething, and a very heavy mirror. 

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Becky said...

Anxiously awaiting the final report from the building inspector :) Love the new cabinet.

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