Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Season

Birthday season is upon us here at The Wright Place.  As you travel through these next months with us, there are a few things you may need to know...

First, we eat cake and ice cream for breakfast on birthday mornings.  We love this.  It is one of our favorite traditions. 

Second, the birthday person gets to chose or design the cake.  Kate, whose birthday opens this happy season, chose the same baby carriage cake that she chose last year (bless her!).

Third, though I come from a family of "can-do" cake decorators who can create anything with cake, a knife, a piping bag and some butter cream icing, I am forever grateful for a cake pan that provides a shape with which to work. A paint-by-numbers approach to cake decorating!

For the first time in my children's lives, the cake was ready an entire day and a half ahead of time!

Even though it's early, we do the cake thing big. Song, candles, the works!

Fourth, the birthday child or adult gets to eat their breakfast on the Birthday Plate which is kept safely tucked away and only sees daylight six times a year.

Fifth, after breakfast, come the gifts!

Finally, it's fun to share your birthday with friends.  Kate took cookies for her Sunday School buddies.

So...welcome to Birthday Season!
We're thankful for all of the lives we get to celebrate!

"Happy Birthday dear Kate...Happy Birthday to YOU!"


Carol Couch said...

What a wonderful tradition. One I am sure your children will pass on to their children someday! And you are a great MOM for all the extra efforts you put in to the celebrations!

Becky said...

Let the parties begin!! Enjoy the season in the season!

Janet Leigh said...

Happy Birthday to Kate! Give her a birthday kiss from us. Love to all. See you soon.

Gretchen said...

Thanks everyone! Kate is LOVING being 5! Tries a bit harder, walks a bit taller...

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