Monday, July 26, 2010

The 7 Signs of Aging

I recently purchased body wash that actually says on its label "fights 7 signs of aging all over your body". Well, that caused me to wonder how soap that requires a bath poof to even make suds could fight my 7 signs of aging.

Gretchen's 7 Signs of Aging...
  1. Selecting reading material by the size of the print instead of by interest in the plot.
  2. Needing to set aside time each week to fill one's days-of-the-week pill box so that the necessary vitamins and medication will not be forgotten.
  3. "Turn that music DOWN kids!!"
  4. Secretly gritting my teeth as grey hairs appear on my Man's head thinking, "They look better on him than these wrinkles look on me."
  5. While watching TV, noticing that most of the actresses my age are playing mothers of teenagers,  laughing at the poor casting choice, and then becoming painfully aware that in three years, I will be the mother of not one, but two teenagers.
  6. Realizing that there are 5 or 6 other products that have made their way into the shower promising  "age-defying" qualities!
  7. Conversations that go something like this:
          Me: "Honey, what did I come in here to do?"
             Cole: "You were coming to watch this replay with me."
             Meg: "You were looking for some socks for me."
             Kate: "You were getting me some gum from the cabinet."
             Molly: "GIIIIIIIIIINNNK"(drink)
             My Man: "What? Were you talking to me?
                               I couldn't hear what you said." (#8?)

That's way too much to ask of body wash, don't ya think?


Deborah Ware said...

I confess -- I have one of those pill containers too... and STILL forget to take my meds!

G'ma suz said...

You are still okay as long as the "Grins and Giggles" hair & body wash sits on the same bathtub shelf as that "dewrinkler",. Love, Mom (a more wrinkled one) who loves the opportunity to see the "Grins and Giggles" bottle on the side of my tub!!!

Gretchen said...

Thank you for BOTH for your comforting words! ;-)

Sudeana said...

love your new art gallery!! don't forget to check back to your "do over" recipe from April -- I just tried it on pork chops--I'll let you know if it works :)

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