Friday, October 22, 2010

Signs of the Times

My family and I have been keeping the roads hot these days, both in our own town and in towns further flung.  As we traveled we noticed many, many church marquees which were...well, signs of the times.
True enough!

The road we were on, merely took us to our place. 
We're still awaiting God's Place!

Ha! Love it!

Do you like this one?
I like this one too.

This wise church sent someone on sabbatical...and
...that someone returned.

Is this sign really necessary?
I'm not sure that this sign is really necessary.

And finally, the most risk taking church I know...
I found some pictures of potential attendees...

(My man thinks that the above church sign means Un-Die Sunday.  I prefer to think otherwise. Surely they'd have used a dash? Surely they'd have used a dash.)


Deborah Ware said...

Your post bring back the best sign I saw ever.... it was in early May on a mom-and-pop hardware store sign (they sold just about everything)... anyway -- it said, "Celebrate Mom... plant and honor her!"

YIKES! I don't want to be planted!

Gretchen said...

What a great one! I hope I'd come up smelling like a rose but I'd probably end up a dandelion (due to being a bit flighty!!)

G'ma suz said...

Really some funny ones. But (butt) shouldn't the word in the little blue circle with the bear be "OR". teehee.

CJC said...

My dad does the church sign at his church every Saturday morning. He tries to be clever.... I bought him a book of "Church Signs" which has some wonderful ones already listed. Of course our best one as of late was LIAR LIAR and the sermon giver's name! GOOD GRIEF!!
I tried to get it changed, but to no avail..... HA! I guess it caused quite a joke at the workplace of the preacher that week.

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