Monday, October 4, 2010


Tonight at bedtime, Molly chose a book about her favorite character, Mickey Mouse, for me to read to her.  Actually, I didn't get the chance to read it to her. "I read to you," she announced. Opening the book, she began to show me the book's characters, pointing to them and telling me their names.

Each character was correctly named and I was tickled that she was so excited to be "reading to me."  As she turned the pages, she continued to point to objects and tell me their correct names, "window, apple, chair, magnet..."

Magnet, I thought, not too shabby.  This was the first time I'd ever seen the story book and Kate came into the room and informed me that she had found the book on her bookshelves and gave it to Molly the day before because it was about "Mouse" and she knew that Molly would "just love it."  Molly was uninterested in Kate's commentary and continued reading to me.  "What does Goofy see out his window?" I prompted.
"Da moon," she answered confidently, "wif his telethcope." WOW! It seems the ole Mouse can teach this girl anything!

I'm writing to Disney to see if they can get to work IMMEDIATELY on another book series for Molly:  "Higher Math with Mickey!"
It certainly looks like she's up to the challenge!
(Glasses provided by a generous Build-A-Bear named "Bug")


G'ma suz said...

I believe she is contemplating how to get her passie. I'm certain she looks cuter than "bug" in those specks. Looks like she is feeling better. Love MOM

Sudeana said...

She is too precious! (Sophie was glad to hear she didn't need real glasses already :)

Becky said...

If she ever needs glasses, take these for comparison! They are cute!

Love that there is another reader in the family!

Janet said...

She looks very studious..not to mention cute as can be! ;-) Glad she doesn't really need the glasses though.

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