Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From a Friend...

I have a friend who moved far, far away yet still has the ability to make me laugh...hard. Usually she accomplishes this with a simple one-line email with a link to something she thinks I should check out. Sometimes these links are to share with my family and are very educational, like the time when she sent me a link to a live camera in Africa where we watched all kinds of animals come and go for days on end. Recently, she sent me to a site where eagles were hatching from their eggs in real time.

Once, just after moving far, far away, my friend whom I had up until that moment, relied upon to keep my gang in the know regarding summer activities and cool places to discover about town, sent me a link to my own town's activity calendar after I sorrowfully mentioned that now I'd have to be responsible for my own kids' summer survival. She's just that kind of gal.

When I arrived home this evening (did she remember that perhaps I'd be a bit down after celebrating a milestone with my oldest tonight?), this bit-o-funny, a tribute to a cherished beverage I grew rather fond of during our family's "Southern Years," was waiting in my email box...

Thanks Lori!!!

(For more laughs, you can visit this funny lady on her website: or on YouTube here: )

Proverbs 31:25 "...and she laughs at the time to come."

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Lori said...

Thank Gretchen! Anne really kew what she was speaking of ... You are my 'bossum friend'

I love you and miss you. I always see things that remind me of yu or your family. Thank goodness for email!!

Hoping to see you soon.

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