Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Many Excuses...

Dear Blog Readers,

Thank you so much for turning your heads in our direction this morning...I'm dreadfully sorry to report that there is no fresh post for you to read this morning and I am terribly sorry. I have many excuses for my lapse in posting...a few of which I'd like to share with you now, so that you may choose your favorite.

  1. I gave my students a difficult science test this week and was forced to use blogging time to grade it. {Actually, the test, is harder for me to grade than it was for them to take. I think I understand now all of the true and false and multiple choice tests I took in school. Essay tests are apparently for rookie teachers!}
  2. I am, at this moment (if it is way too early in the morning when you are reading this) most likely hanging on to a treadmill at the local YMCA for dear life, having selected an unwise incline percentage in my pre-coffee state.
  3. I decided that since my man expects me to join him in the morning, way too early, at the local YMCA, that I'd better get to bed instead of writing a blog about a salad that I found in a new cookbook that I fixed for my very own self last week and haven't been able to stop thinking about since. {Peer pressure is such a cruel master when that peer is your Man whom you REALLY don't want to wimp out on in the snowy dark morning and also whom you are pretty certain will buy you a big dark steamy cup of coffee post-YMCA as a reward.}
  4. Instead of writing a fresh new post tonight, I spent a crazy amount of time on the couch with my kiddos. No TV, no games, mostly just a little pretending and a lot of staring out the window at the snow...and maybe a bit of reading, but just a teensy bit.

There you have 'em. Certified excuses, pick one or all of them, as all are absolutely true! If I survive that treadmill in the morning, I'll be back with a real post in a day or two!

1 comment:

G'ma suz said...

Good for you. I will choose being with the kiddos on the couch for the winning excuse. But I would have preferred a pict of one of them on that treadmill!
Love, Mom

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