Monday, February 6, 2012

We Love Happy Kids

Continuing the Things We Love Series....
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We LOVE happy kids...
and really, who doesn't?

We had a blast as a family watching the Super Bowl last night, especially since my son's favorite team was in it to win it. What a game is was too, down to the last seconds, the suspense heavy in the son's nerves and heart active and alert...the poor kid forgot to eat for the entire fourth was fun to watch as the last seconds marched off of the clock and as the opposing team marched down the field in a last minute attempt to snatch victory from the beloved Giants!

Cole was as fun to watch as the game...lemme show ya...

With 1 minute left in the game...

The Patriots last attempt at the end zone fails...
GIANTS Victory!!

Happy Kid! son,
that's our other favorite team!?

Yea Giants! Thanks for the Happy Kid!

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1 comment:

G'ma suz said...

Bet he beat it to the kitchen then and made several "downs" of his own!! Happy Day. Love,Gma

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