Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Katie at Bat

The blog post I planned for today will have to wait. I didn't get to finish it because I was in the bleachers at Kate's game tonight, watching this...

My phone's video camera wasn't working last week. I took the phone to the store two days ago and even though it was 1 day past the warranty, the store exchanged it anyway! If they had not, video would have been possible!

We may or may not have celebrated with good friends and a teensy bit of ice cream!!

Grins all around!


G'ma suz said...

You go slugger . . eat that ice cream with the same gusto you hit and catch that ball. Loved the video. Have watched it many, many times!! Very few sounds echo happiness like that crack of a home run leaving the bat and heading for the out out out field!!!
We love you, Poppy and Gma.

G'ma suz said...

P.S. Laura's ice cream is not nearly big enough for a proper home run celebration. Good picture. . .reflects the "homer" in those eyes! Mom

Sudeana said...

Actually got teary listening to the excitement in Cole and Meg's voices as they cheered her on. So sweet! Wish we could slip over to cheer along!!

Andrea said...

Awesome video, awesome Kate!! You go, girl!!! :D


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