Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sometimes, It's the Little Things...

I remember lots of big moments during my 'growing up days': a big vacation to Hawaii, getting out of school a week early to take another big vacation to Florida, a two week mission trip to an indian reservation in Arizona, learning to drive, shopping for prom dresses, going away to college, and shopping for a wedding dress.

The"big moments" in our lives serve as anchors to the other less Capital Letter events that float around in our personal histories.

Those very lower case events in life also leave very large marks. Little things that can happen for no reason, with no forethought, and quite by accident tend to gain larger meaning as memory's light shines on them.

...Like when my Dad was walking me down the aisle and slowed me down a bit halfway to the front,

...or when my Mom and I talked using a homemade sign language throughout an entire speech competition when I was on the stage and she in the audience, Mom laughing it off when she dropped by my Jr. High to find me in detention for chewing gum,

...and my Dad trying his best to explain assets, liability, and capital to me during a car ride to my grandparents'.

Sometimes, it's the little things.

These days, I'm not just thinking about my own small moments memories.

I'm thinking about the little moments that my children are tucking away during their 'growing up' days.

I have ideas of what some of the moments might be right now, but I'm probably wrong. They'll likely remember things I've never even considered the slightest bit remarkable.

It's already happening, the conversations that begin, "Mom (Dad) do you remember when I...and you...and we...?" Often, I have absolutely no recollection. How could I forget, I was there for goodness sake, at least that's what the kids have told me!

Oh but they do remember. Just like I did. Just like their children will.

Something happened last Saturday night that just might make it to the "little things" hall of fame. It reminded me of something I'd read by Dr. Dobson...

"I urge all parents, but especially fathers, to work at building your daughter's self-concept throughout her childhood...

Tell her she is pretty every chance you get.

Hug her.

Compliment her admirable traits.

Build her confidence by giving her your time and attention. 

 Defend her when she is struggling.

And let her know that she has a place in your heart that is reserved only for her. 
She will never forget it. "

"Hey, remember when Dad polished our toenails and fingernails that one Saturday night. Remember? He said he thought it might help us get out the door to church a little easier the next morning...Remember? He said he was out of practice from when he used to polish Meg's toes when she was little and he went back and touched up the messes with a Q-tip? Oh c'mon you've got to remember that!"

{ Happy  Father's  Day!! }

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Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James C. Dobson more info here
(quote from page 21}

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G'ma suz said...

Too precious. . . hold them tight. . . hold them tight. . yes, both the memories and the memory makers! Love MOM. ( Kate enjoys her gum too ha ha )

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