Monday, November 12, 2012

My First BFF

  • She tutored me in math through college. 
  • She was my college roommate too, which may have been even more difficult than being my Calculus tutor.
  • She was a constant source of Cherry Coke money at the Seven Eleven.
  • She was victim more than once to my parking ticket infractions in our college town.
  • She is even now the source of my dining room curtains and our bathroom curtains. 
  • My babies have been wrapped in blankets she has knitted.
  • She reads MUCH more than I do AND she remembers EVERY word!
  • The birthday cakes she makes are nothing less than amazing.
  • Kinda like she is...
Even though she is the younger, she sorta took me under her wing when I transferred to the University where she was a freshman. She continued to keep me in her care until she transferred responsibility of me to my Man when we married (don't ya bet THAT was a relief!). To mark that occasion, she gave me a key holder (she spent 3 years helping me find mine) with a thoughtful note on the back...which remains almost 18 years later.

Happy Birthday to my sister, friend, teacher, and ever present voice of common sense, enjoy this last year of your thirties...I've got 40 all warmed up for ya!

My sister taught me everything I really need to know, 
and she was only in sixth grade at the time.  
~Linda Sunshine


Becky said...

Thanks, buddy!

Janet said...

Sisters are great! So glad I was blessed with 4 and love them each one.
I have learned so much from each one. I keep reminding them I'm the youngest (funny, I'm the only one with gray hair. lol)

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