Wednesday, March 27, 2013



That's how I'd describe our existence these days. We've got about 72 plates spinning and I'm sure, even though the circus music is blasting the appropriate soundtrack, plates are about to start crashing to the ground...soon!

Pappa had been called on early in the week to help with the most urgent of the spinning plates,

...a bedroom reassignment project that affected all four children and involved all of their clothes and all of their books and all of their toys being un-shelved, un-contained, and un-drawered.

All beds were disassembled and a few were reassembled just in time for much needed tuck-ins at day's end.

Yesterday the kids and I worked trying to sort through all of the piles of clothes and toys and books (oh my!) before we turned our attentions to shopping for and packing my men's supplies for shipping for an upcoming international mission trip.

We also gathered the last of the Easter outfits for Sunday and are making plans to attend and participate in activities at church for the next three evenings.

Softball practices have begun and birthday season will begin tomorrow and I'm not at all prepared to celebrate a certain special kiddo's big day in the fashion that is expected :-).

I haven't seen a treadmill for days and the laundry is piling quickly!

Each of my tasks springs from a good place. I'm thankful to live in a home that will hold four active children and allllllll of their belongings. I'm thankful that this home houses a family whose goal is to provide each of us with a strong sense of belonging both to our Savior and to one another which is far more important than all of the tangible stuff upstairs that must be sorted and managed and organized.

It's wonderful that my teenaged son and his dad are getting the opportunity to serve on a mission trip this summer even if the work involved to prepare them has to be squeezed into a very full Easter week! Having Easter to celebrate and a dynamic church family with which to celebrate it pretty much crowns all else and provides a needed perspective to our chaos of late.

So, although upheaval aptly describes this short harried season here, a far better phrase arises...

Looking toward the piles and the plans and the projects my goal is to remember what a blessing getting to live this life really is. I hope and pray that as this season of celebration comes upon us, you are able to count your life and its ridiculous blessings as well...though for your sake, I hope that all of your blessings are not flung about your home like mine currently are!!
Happy, Happy Easter!

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