Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meg and Me

Today finds my men on their way to a village in Honduras to participate in our church's first foreign mission adventure. Today also finds my little girls at Darrin's parent's enjoying many adventures of their own.

And today Meg and I are home with just each other for the second day of some of the most special moments I've had the privilege to spend in some time. I remember hearing a friend, who's family welcomed their fourth child years before ours did, say that one of the most difficult things about having a large family was the challenge of spending enough time with each child. He couldn't have been more right!

It is a daily struggle for my Man and I to eek out a few moments of conversation about the very basics of our family's schedule, let alone those deep conversations that are necessary to maintain a connection necessary for a growing marriage!

To spend time with the kids one-on-one is a luxury neither of us gets very often. That Meg and I get to spend four days together is just about too much to imagine.

We began our first morning together taking turns reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas to one another chapter by chapter. Since posting a picture of the book on Instagram, we've gotten a clue or two that this book has the potential to break our hearts, but the voice of the narrator, is too engaging to abandon. So we read on, chapter by chapter.

After knocking off 4 chapters of our book, we went inside and watched The Princess Bride which Meg had never seen and which I'd only seen in my youth. 

I can't wait to show it to our whole gang, first because it was hilarious and wonderful and second because our 4 am Mission Team send-off caught up with me and I missed about half of the movie! 

For dinner, which was early because we totally forgot to eat lunch, we tried a new recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook involving anchovies, olives, capers, tuna and pasta which was delicious but which the rest of our gang would not have enjoyed. Win/win!

We spent some time at the neighborhood coffee shop...

...and headed home to watch another movie.
I've not seen this one for ages and Meg has never seen it. It was a favorite of my family's when my sisters and I were young. Meg and I watched the first half before the sleepy set in, so the rest of it awaits us today!

This morning has been mostly spent on the porch with a quick break for Meg's piano lesson and then a joint blogging session. 

{to read Meg's Blog, iMeg click here}

I'm pretty sure she was blogging...but could it be that she was searching for more mission trips to keep my Man and Cole occupied and the little girls farmed out? One really never knows!! 

What I do know is that this time Meg and I are getting to spend together is such a rare gift for which I am supremely grateful!

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, 
the joyful moments of the present, 
and the hope and promise of the future. 
~Author Unknown


G'ma suz said...

Amen! Great to cherish Grandones one at a time or all together. Love, Mom
By the way, 29 years ago (next week) we were enjoying some one on one time in Atalanta's Peachtree Hotel eating birthday cake ordered from room service in our room on the 53rd floor. Sweet memories.

Tiffany said...

Glad you two are enjoying your time together! The Boy In The Striped Pajamas will indeed break your hearts in a most unexpected way. And, that being said, we have the DVD down here if you want to borrow it when you finish the book! (It's not nearly as good as the book, but that's the way it always goes, right?)

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