Monday, September 2, 2013

A Group Effort

We were attempting to chat about a new cd my Man had just purchased for me but we couldn't hear over the bass thumping through the much as bass can thump out of minivan speakers. The volume was turned up because the kids in the back seat were contributing quite a bit of volume of their own.

Our day, the last before school was to begin, had been a typical jaunt into the next few burgs away to secure some shoes, some books, and some Sonic. One of the kids had visited the bathroom of EVERY establishment we'd entered. Another child nearly escaped getting hit by a car in the chick fil a parking lot, the same child who would later have to be removed very quickly from the very back seat of the van due to excessive gagging which often leads to a more tangible evidence of motion sickness.

The remaining two kids spent much of the car ride uncharacteristically exchanging snarky remarks. Then there were the constant squabbles over feet poking through seat backs and baby dolls taking up too much room and How much longer? and I am really hungry. and Can I have this? and I really really neeeeeed that.

The day that was to have been refreshing and relaxing had instead proven stale and stressful.

Screaming from the back seat caused me to snap the radio's volume down and toss a steamy glare into the back seat, "Can't you guys hear that your Dad and I are having a conversation?!?!?"

"NO," said the screamer, "the radio is up way too loud!"

My Man took the reigns...

"You guys have just about shot my and your mother's LAST nerve!"

"Well," said the deepest voice in the back, "it has been a group effort."

Indeed it had.

The GROUP... on a happier day!

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Lori said...

Sounds like home! LOL Love yous guys!

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