Sunday, September 29, 2013

Smiles in Your Vicinity and Mine

The kitchen was quiet...mostly but not really for Molly was prancing around singing a Sunday school song from this morning that was on loop in her head. Normally, a song sung over and over with wrong words scattered throughout would cause a vein in my neck to stand out a bit by the third time through. Today, however, her song became the tune to which I was baking...with pumpkin!

A short way into her fourth iteration of her song, Molly noticed the mixer was in use and grabbed a stool. Dragging it toward me she said, "" 

I added the eggs, Molly added the pumpkin and the commentary...

" are just...the very best Mommy." It is her familiar chorus.

"I'm glad you think so Molly. You are the very best Molly."

"Oh Mom, you know I love it when you say that. Is that why you say that?"

"Yes, Molly. I like to make you happy."

"Oh I know," she said wistfully, "Don't I just make you smile?"

"Oh my yes," I confirmed...

...and then she waltzed off to make sure I wasn't the only one smiling...

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, 
making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles. 
~Washington Irving~


G'ma suz said...

Man and child version of the same genes! Cute on both. Love, Mom

Rebekah Warmbrand said...

AW! She's so cute! Miss you all!!

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