Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Keeping Ourselves Company

Molly joined me in the kitchen yesterday morning, wiping the sleep from her eyes and looking about for breakfast options. 

“Is today Daddy’s day off?” She knows that Mondays usually are, but she asks weekly to make sure.


“Oh good! We should have a family day and go shopping and get me a new backpack.” 

Her Daddy had tried to convince her a few days ago that she needed a new one because her beloved Princess Sophia backpack had a tear in it. She had remained unconvinced.

“So you think you need a new one now, I guess?”

“Well,” she answered, “It wasn’t my idea, DADDY said so.”

“I’m not sure what Daddy is planning on doing today. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have a family day.”

Wait!” said she, “Does Daddy have to go to work tomorrow?”

“No, remember, he’s on sabbatical. Come look at the calendar. Here is today and here is the day Daddy returns to work. Let’s count the days between.” And so we counted.

“That’s a lot of days,” she said jumping up and down and clapping. “Does Pastor J have that many days off?”

“No. He’ll be at work while Daddy is not there.”

“Ok then,” she pondered, “here’s what we should do: we’ll all go up to Pastor J’s house and keep Mrs. D_____ and O____ and dear little M______ company while he’s at work!”

When her daddy returned home later in the morning I asked Molly to share her plans with him. And she did with much animation.

“Molly, that’s some kind of plan, but I don’t think Mrs. D_____ needs all six of us in her home this month to keep her company. Our plan is to keep our own selves company for a while.”

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