Sunday, November 20, 2011

Molly on Monday

Hi everybody! It'th me, Molly Joy.
I learned a new trick that I'd like to show you. If you happened to be keeping' up with the thtuff I'm learning to do, you'll wanna know about thith one.
Mom wath usin' her phone for the pictures so, they're kinda blurry. Thorry 'bout that.
I wanted to learn how to cross my eyes, like Kate was doin' the other day, and well, I figured it out!

TA DA!!!

(OK, I know it woulda worked better if I'd opened my eyeth a little more, but really, I'm only three!)
That was fun, huh?  And now...I'd like to thing a thong for ya!
Make thure you're volume is on!

I learned that at my AWANA club!

Have a happy Monday everyone!
Molly Joy
(Entertainer Extraordinaire)


Sudeana said...

I do love that girl!! She makes me smile. I can't imagine the youngest being such an entertainer ;)

Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Thanks for sharing. Hugs from the Leighs!

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