Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home is where they school ya!

They say that home is the place where your family is, and they are right, of course. Home is also the place where your very own bed is and where you know just which boards in the floor creak and groan under your feet. Home is where you know the make and models of all of the neighbors vehicles and where your flowers are planted and where there are pencil marks on a door frame charting the growth of all who dwell within. It is a place that, at times, you look forward to leaving and at other times it is the very place to which you long to return.

Home is also where our school happens and today was our first day back at it. This year The Wright Academy's students include a high school sophomore and a freshman as well as a fourth grader and a first grader. We are rested, we are ready, and we have taken our first day of school picture...

...whew! That's finished. 

Now, it is true that all of us think that the taking of the picture was completely sufficient to count as a completed day of school, but really...

 I think we should go ahead and tackle eating lunch too!
{wink, wink}

Happy September!

My favorite Back to School post: here and why in the world we choose to homeschool is here.

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Victoria said...

Happy Schooling to you all!!! Have you homeschooled your kids all the way through? I'd love to hear about your journey! :)

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