Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Gentle Book for Your November

"Where's my book? I just laid it down!"

"Your son hid it from you."


"It's hidden between Bibles on your dresser."


I was 40 pages from the end and I wanted to finish it. The rich words had been causing me to wonder about the end of the story for a day and a half. Marilynne Robinson is a writer of deep truth tucked into simple story. This book, released in October is already on the short list for the National Book Award as well as a few others. The plot is gentle and soft, the characters are complete and lasting. I read Robinson's Pulitzer Prize winning Gilead last year and was completely smitten. Lila, the book I completed last night didn't disappoint and is a beauty for the bookshelf as well.

I began another of Marilynne Robinson's books over the summer but abandoned it to finish another book. I will circle back and finish it soon as well as the other of her award winners Home. Robinson's books are simply lovely. They will not make your heart thump from suspense but her words will absolutely warm your heart as you follow her characters through their circumstances.

There is discussion among the readers of Robinson's books about which book to read first. My opinion is that Gilead will have been helpful to have read before picking up Lila...but it is not vital. Lila can easily be enjoyed on its own for sure, but you are likely to love it a little more if you've got Gilead snugged into your heart first.

I read Lila slowly and purposefully because I didn't want it to end. I'd like to pause my reading for a few days to absorb all of the goodness that was Lila ...


There's a kid in my home who's hot on my heels in our annual book race (and is hiding my books so that I cannot finish them!) and so I'll have to quickly change gears from the lovely Lila to my next selections ASAP!

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