Monday, March 2, 2015

Molly "Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen" Joy here!!

Molly Joy here!!
How've you all been? I hope things are less nuts at your house than they are at mine! 

At my house we are gettin' a new kitchen and that is ALLLLLLL my Mom and Dad can think about. Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen, kitchen, 24/7 I'm tellin' ya. I am not sure what it all means but they seem awful excited about it but stressed with picking out the things. There are a lot of things, I guess, that need picking out. I have offered to help but Mom seems to think I am not wise enough to handle a decision or two. Honestly...I'm not the one responsible for the Great Paint debacle of 2015. (It was ugly...well, lots of it was ugly).

Needless to say, there's not an awful lot of attention being paid to yours truly so I'm left to entertain myself. I snagged Mom's phone the other day and took some pictures of me. I thought it might be a good idea to remind her of her I left them on her phone to surprise her. Wonder what she'll do when she finds them... 

...It's hard to tell what she'll do...but the chances are that when she does find them...

she'll be at Lowe's. 

I heard her say something about getting a job there sometime soon...

Like I's crazy here! 
Hope your kitchen isn't broken and that your mom isn't twitching!
See ya next time!
Molly Joy

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