Monday, April 20, 2015

Bathroom Before & After (Bathroom the First)

As the floor was being completed in our kitchen, it became apparent that we were going to have enough wood flooring left over to cover the floor in the small bathroom upstairs which the girls use daily to get ready for their days.

That bathroom has been a busy but ill-equipped room for many years. It possesses a toilet,

{That cabinet is embarrassing, one of the things we've been meaning to replace for about 2 years!}

a sink, 

...and a bathtub but no shower. 

The carpet was a thick smelly fluffy mess, testifying of spilled nail polish, spilled baby powder, spilled little get the less-than-appealing picture. 

The hot and cold fixtures on the tub seemed so fragile and were difficult to operate and when operated did a poor job of stopping the dripping of water and so we never used the bathtub which necessitated all 6 of us using the main bathroom for showers and baths...this would prove problematic but that's a post for a later time.

It was soon decided to replace the bathroom carpet with the left over kitchen hardwood and then, as so many home improvement projects do, one thing led to another and Pappa decided to add a shower and fixtures to our hardly-ever-used bathtub. This addition required tiling the tub surround, adding a new window, a new sink cabinet (while we were at it), and fresh plumbing. The job would also involve no less than 1000 trips up and down two full flights of stairs in this house as tile had to be cut with a saw in the garage.

The stepping accomplished by our recently-turned-seventy Pappa caused us to begin calling him The Stairmaster.

The floor went down quickly followed by the new sink cabinet. 
A lovely new window was added and then the tiling began.

After the tile was placed and the grout was added, it had to sit for a few days to dry and seal.

(It was during these few days during Easter week that our main bathtub cracked and left us showerless for a time...again, another post.)

Pappa finished the bathroom upstairs and we couldn't be more thrilled. A friend gave us with a gift card to TJMaxx (THANK YOU!) which went a long way toward adding some cozy details to the girls new bathroom.

Befores and afters below...

Billy Sunday

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