Friday, May 8, 2015

Time Management for the Highly Organized

I was invited by some friends in our homeschool group to speak at a workshop for homeschoolers. This talk had been on my horizon for a few months now. I had such a good time preparing the words I wanted to share on the topic I've been asked to share about: Guarding Your Time... (grin, chuckle, HAAAAA!!)

It turned out, thankfully, that I had more than a few books on the topic already on my shelves and needed only one more to round out my collection. After a serious review of my resources I had a good idea about the main points to share with my audience. I began to speak in the vernacular of my favorite pastor in my texts to him... "I've finished my first point. It's way too long," or "This third section needs some work," or "All finished with the outline, just putting meat on the bones of it now!" Finally, and just in time, "Finished!"

I stayed up late the next night getting all of the handouts ready to ...hand out. Handouts that encourage wise time management for a talk that encourages the listeners to look closely at their schedules, assess how they are spending their moments, urging wisdom with the lives of their families. There may even be a bossy section therein which strongly encourages looking ahead at the family calendar at the months and weeks to come so that you know what activities are about to come barreling down. I could imagine telling my victims listeners how to handle their time...I could imagine lots of things.

I woke up on Saturday early, ready to share my words, impart the wisdom I'd learned from the pages of my books, put forth the thoughts in my mind, bear my very soul.... until...

I received a text from one of the other workshop participants who was at another event with my Meg early that morning..."Mrs. Wright, Megan said that you were headed over to the workshop today...I'm pretty sure it isn't until next week. Check your calendar to make sure I'm not wrong, but I think it's next week."

Say what?!

Oh my. It seemed my soul-bearing would have to wait a week. "Well," said my Man through a grin, "good job on getting finished a week early." Bless him.

Tomorrow is the day I will stand in front of a small group of homeschoolers and offer them the wisdom I have gleaned from my books and offer them a supreme example from my life, my oh so typical life, of what happens when you pack a schedule too full to even have time to consider the dates on the calendar. What I'd really like to do is hand every participant my stack of books and point out the best, most helpful chapters in each...but alas, they are stuck with me...the one who perhaps needs the information the very most!

Happy Weekend Everyone...may you have some wonderfully calendared moments in your carefully guarded days!

"I speak it to God: I don't want more time. I want just enough time. Time to breathe deep and time to see real and time to laugh long, time to give You glory and rest deep and sing joy and just enough time in a day not to feel hounded, pressed, driven or wild to get it all done..."
~Ann Voskamp

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