Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Molly Joy here... The Birthday Edition

Hellooooo! Molly Joy here.

Hope you are doin' super now that spring is finally here. Kate and I have been keepin' the neighbors on their toes cause we are outside on our scooters and bikes just as soon as Mom decides school is over each day. Besides being able to be outside lots, spring means we have TONS of birthdays at our house but TONS doesn't include my birthday as usual!

I discussed this with my Mom the other day, "Mom, when I have kids, I suppose the youngest one will have the very last birthday out of everybody.

First the one kid will have a birthday, then another one...

...who knows how many kids I'll have but I know the last one will have to have the very last birthday. Poor kid." I'm not sure Mom understood my hidden feelings, but she was all ears as she put a bunch of candles on someone else's cake.

I didn't use to handle the other kids' birthdays very well when I was a little kid...

Now that I'm older and so much wiser, I'm taking a new approach. 

I'm gonna invest in the birthdays of everyone else. 

It's just the right thing to do. 

I figure if I celebrate with enthusiasm for them, they will do the same and more for me...it's an age old truth!

Plus, it's really hard to maintain a pout when shoveling ice cream cake into my mouth.

So...our lesson for today is to celebrate others!! 
(It'll probably work out best for us later!!)

OK...good talk!

Thanks for hanging out with me! 

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