Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Shorts

Short #1

"Mom," she exclaimed as I stepped onto the porch, "I just saw one of those things we see out here all the time!"
"What thing?" I asked. "A fly?"
"A chipmunk?"
"No. One of those big things. An ele--" she stopped short, something in her knowing that what she had seen was not an elephant in our yard.
"A deer?" guessed I.
"Oh, I was thinking it was a giraffe are you sure it was a deer?"

(Note to teacher: please review animals in preschool, we seem to be having trouble with animal identification in this particular zoo!)

Short #2

Our first born is in basketball camp this week. Yesterday, when he left, most of his morning chores had been neglected. As a result, this morning I was going over the list of chores and tasks to be accomplished before leaving for camp.
"Did you make your bed?"
"Are your teeth brushed?"
"Yes ma'am."
"All of them?"
"Do you have socks on?" Somehow, yesterday he didn't realize socks would be necessary until he was on his way to the car.
"Yes." (I discovered on the way to camp that they were in fact, yesterday's socks. Recycling gone amuck! Note to self: don't be anywhere close to him when he takes his shoes off this afternoon!)
"Have you combed your hair?"
"I don't need to comb my hair."
"Why not?" I asked, very interested in his answer.
"Because, I combed it yesterday."

Okay then.

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Jana Vee said...

You should do this for a living. I find your blogs very entertaining and you are a very good writer. You could be the next "Maxine". lol

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