Friday, July 31, 2009

Grandparent Camp

We're all flung about this month as this family member and that one have been at Camp Pappa & Mamma. First Cole left us for parts southwest for his turn at camp, then after a twice extended stay, Megan was swapped for Cole and has been a "happy camper" for the last week. Today, Kate will be exchanged for Meg, and off to Mamma & Pappa's (and Aunt Sherri & Uncle Mike's) she will travel.

Kate, a'twitter with anticipation, has had her clothes laid out to be packed for 3 days! After two days of begging me to get out her suitcase, I relented and she's already to go. Honestly, she needed no help except a reminder to take her swimsuit and her toothbrush. Everything else, including 4 pairs of shoes - no problem. Babydoll Ethel is packed and waiting with her own bags as is a backpack full of books "to entertain me on the way." Cole's entire week's worth of clothing, etc. was packed in one single backpack and Meg took one small suitcase! Viva, la difference.


Becky said...

If only we all could pack in advance! Go Kate!

Jana Vee said...

Can you imagine when she goes off to college? LOL!

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