Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discovered @ Lunchtime Part 2

(If you didn't read yesterday's saga, click here first.)

I climbed into my Man's truck, hoping no one saw me on my way to sweet tea bliss.  I was dressed one level above pajamas and had not yet been visited by the hair do and make up genie.  (No picture of this will follow. . .)  Cranking the engine, I reached to tune in the radio and get a dose of the latest political happenings, when what to my wondering ears did I hear?

My Man, the sponsor of my mini-retreat, is always listening to a mind-feeding CD of one sort or another so I wasn't surprised to hear a man's voice coming over the speakers to my ears.  Usually at this point during past "retreats" I hit the the radio button and off I go.  Yet, on this particular occasion, something caused me to pause and listen to the man on the CD.  It may have been that I recognized his voice as that of a pastor that I'd enjoyed watching on a video series in Sunday School a few months ago.

Pastor James MacDonald was the owner of the familiar voice.  I remembered my Man telling me that he'd been given a CD set of Pastor MacDonald's by a friend and I assumed that this was one of the CDs from that set. 

Curiously, I listened on.  

"Here's what your wives wish you knew. . ."  and this man went on to list some wonderful TRUTHS - biblically based and all!  Don't you know I was all about forgetting the political talk now.  I felt a lot like I was listening in on a conversation between this man and my Man--and it was such a GOOD conversation. 

Had I looked at myself in the rear view mirror, I'm sure I'd have found a big grin on my face.  When I pulled into the drive thru lane, I ordered TWO big 'ole sweet teas and considered turning up the volume on the CD player so that the fast food worker could hear that my Man was listening to a CD about how to be a better hubby--to me of all people!  (The fast food worker, seeing me pre-make up genie probably would have thought however, that I was the husband trying to better his married life!!) 

Another thought popped into my freshly rested brain, "How cool is it that my Man has friends who influence him like this?  Who care enough to share. . ."  Then I remembered being handed a bookmark on Sunday by another of my Man's friends which turned out to be a "How to Pray for Your Pastor" prayer card!  Wow!  Ridiculously blessed I'm tellin' ya.

On the return trip home, I remembered to reverse the CD to the exact place where I began listening (I didn't want my Man to know I'd been eavesdropping) and set the radio on the AM talk station.  I left my Man's beverage in the cup holder, went into the house, and "tagged back in". 

As we practically live across the street from our church, the thought hit me that it could take many many days for my Man to log enough drive time to listen to much more of his CD.  It was in his best interest, I reasoned, for me to devise a plan to aid him in this "educational" endeavor.

For the next day or so, I proceeded to send my guy on every imaginable errand around town that I could think of.  My heart gave an extra jump when he would relate that his work had taken him hither and yon or that he felt he'd spent this entire day in the truck!  When I could hold it in no longer, I 'fessed up about my CD discovery and asked my Man to go to the store three towns away to pick up some eggs and milk.

He called me a "stinker" and chuckled. 

"You know," he said evenly, "the next CD in the series is for wives. I've been listening to that one on my trips today. You can listen to it too if you want."


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Rick said...

Wow! Great stuff. Made my morning get off to a great start. BTW, more cards are coming!

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