Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jumpin' Jammies!

There seems to have been an outbreak of frogs 'round the Wright Place of late.  It happens, that as bed time approaches, the frogs begin to take over.  Just the other night, I saw some on the stairs. . .

Later, the same night, I discovered more in the girls' room.  These were even larger than the first ones, and I began to grow concerned...

They had large smiles on their faces and seemed friendly enough, so I didn't mind letting them sleep by the girls' bed that night. 

I saw a few others headed into the kids' bathroom. . .

I did, however, become completely overwhelmed when just a few days later,  I discovered still more pesky amphibians in the upstairs hallway.

Would you look at the eyes on those things? 

The "rest of the story" is as follows:

I sent my Man and my two middle daughters to the grocery store  one day.  My Man, aware of a pajama deficit at home and a rather big sale at a store "on the hill", swung by that store on the way to get the groceries. 

When he left the first store, the frog pajamas were tagging along in a bag my Man was carrying, as were those sassy slippers.  Two very excited little ladies were bursting at the seams when they arrived home with their prizes and the groceries.

The next morning, my Man's parents arrived for another one of Cole's ridiculously early, cold and rainy, flag football games (thus contending for the Grandparents of the Year Award). 

After a bit of lunch, we headed "up the hill" once more for an additional round of shopping.  My Mother-in-law is a shopppppppper!  She finds neat things, great sales, and seems to have a great time in the process.  The children love to shop with Mamma.  On this trip, even the baby doll  got a new dress!

It was during that shopping trip that the last installment of frogs joined us.  Those vibrant pink and green froggy robes completed the girls' collection.  Oh, the joy.  Kate had been asking for a robe for weeks and daddy came through with a robe that suited her perfectly and matched her slippers.

The only hitch in the plan was that I couldn't remember to get those precious robes out of the shopping bag and into the washer.  Kate, who had been promised the night before that she'd have her newly cleaned robe the next day, only to be disappointed, decided to take matters into her own hands at bedtime. 

I saw her creeping back down the stairs after being instructed to "Get in BED!"  Risking life and limb, she trekked to the basement, the laundry capital of our state, and retrieved the robes.  She laid them in the middle of the hallway floor as I was trying to put Molly to bed.  My little Clothes Queen placed the robes in such a way that I had to step over them to leave the nursery.  I said, "Why.......?"  

She said, "To help your remembering."

Now these fabulous frogs are fabric fresh and feeling fine
on the feminine frames of a few frauleins!

(Sorry, got a little carried away with that one.  Must be all those frogs staring back at me from the computer screen!!)

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Becky said...

Toad-aly terriffic treasures!!

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