Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas in the Air

Hi Friends!

I'm just popping in to say "Happy Christmastime!"  Things are gearing up here at The Wright Place.  The tree is up--except for the star on top, I'm still looking for it! 

Christmas baking is set to begin later today with the making of a few hundred "Wright Kids Snicker Doodles" (I'll post a picture or two if it's safe to expose the camera to all the flour and goo!). 

I'm currently working on one of my favorite projects of the year: "teacher gifts".  We are crafting away and are excited to, in our own small way, thank all of the dedicated teachers and caregivers who have loved us so extravagantly throughout the year.

The Children's Christmas Play is this Sunday and we are sooooo excited!  Saturday is the big dress rehearsal and cast party! 

Christmas cards are yet on the horizon!  I've got a picture I can use, but maybe a fresher one would be better...I don't know...I'm hesitant to take on another "photo session" anytime soon after last Thursday, which we survived, by the way--but just!

So, check in on us every now and then for pictures and stories of our Christmas adventures.  Remember, though, to check in with HIM for the most amazing Christmas adventure that there will ever be!!

More soon!

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