Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Just Need to Get a Little Coffee

Dear Readers,
I owe you the rest of the story.  I wanted to have it here for you this morning...however, it was AWANA night, it is so very late, and I'm in need of sleep (and a little Nyquil!!)  My goal is to call a "teacher work day" in the morning, down my first pot of coffee, and have "The Rest of the Story" to you sometime today-- occurs to me that at 3ish today, we are scheduled to have family pictures taken for the church directory.  Frankly, I'd rather take a beating--  Kate and I are already in negotiations regarding the family wardrobe, I'm just certain that Molly will incur some sort of injury involving her "almost bump free" face, or that I'll be so crazed by the time we are looking pretty that my face will be frozen in a permanate stage of distress, or that none of the colors in my "season" will fit tomorrow and I'm pretty sure what I want Meg to wear is deep, deep in the laundry.. . .

Other than those "minor details", as my Dad would say, I'll get another post on here assuming I'm fit to type with the nervous twitch that I'm bound to have! 

Here's to adventure!!


Julia Feitner said...

I dread family photos too - it takes a whole memory stick to get a good one, and we only have two kids! But then every now and then a family photo is taken that's simply amazing. Hope your pics turn out well! Good luck!!!

Charity said...

Gretchen, ours were last Saturday.. guess who flat fell on her face the day before? Kerri just flopped over onto a cloth-covered metal rod basket I store her toys in on her bookshelf. Bashed and rashed the corner of her eye for the photos. Funny thing.. she rarely plays in her bedroom, most of her toys are in the dining room. Last directory I was sick and could barely smile, this year we look like we beat our child. At least no black eye! Hope your photos were good. Ours turned out very nicely IN SPITE. Previews anyway.

Gretchen said...

We got along okay. I think we left with one "keeper", but OH THE DRAMA!! Glad your's were good!!

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