Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Inquisition

The "Christmas Tour of 2009" had ended with a snowy trip home late in the evening.  My Man and I were attempting to get awake the next morning.  Kate, in bed with us since 7:00, was helping.  She reached across my sleeping face to rub her father's. 

"Daddy, you need to do a lot of shaving today."

"Um hummm," said her almost awake father, "I've got to get a good shave today because I've got a hot date later."

Continuing to rub her hand on her Daddy's chin she asked, "What's a hot date?"

"Mommy and I are going to go to dinner and a movie tonight."

"Oh.  I like the candy they have at the movies.  It's very good.  Is Ms. L    going to watch me?"


"Will she watch Cole and Meg too?"


"Are we going there or staying here?"


"When are you going on your date?"

"Late this afternoon."

"Is it almost afternoon?"


"Can we have donuts this morning?"

"Not this morning." 

"How much longer 'till afternoon?"

And with that we decided to begin the day.

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