Friday, April 2, 2010

Catch Me If You Can!

Tonight, at the gym, I ran. 

I don't know what came over me.  I was not forced into this strange activity, though I have always claimed that being chased is the only way I would ever be found running. 

What happened to me?

As I sit here eating left over birthday cake (to stave off the ill-effects of burning all those excess calories), I think I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities:

This Sunday at while sharing responsibilities in the nursery with a teen-aged gal, I discovered that we, she and I, were wearing the same brand of lotion.  This little nugget, tucked into my psyche has given me no end of comfort about the fading decade of my thirties even in the face of Kate's constant attention, of late, to the "cracks in your face."  The "lotion situation" could have been the cause of my sudden speed.

I use my time on the treadmill to catch up on magazines that I enjoy reading...most of them are about cooking.  As I looked at each beautifully photographed culinary masterpiece, I was reminded of all of the culinary reasons that I so desperately needed to be on the treadmill in the first place.  These thoughts led me to remember the massive amounts of Easter candy I had consumed the day before.  As I was pondering the Peeps, and the guacamole laden lunch I had enjoyed with my family earlier in the day, I looked out the gym window to see...McDonald's, home of my favorite sweet, sweet tea.  Sins of the past are powerful motivation.


It could just be, that my iPod made me do it.  I never go to the gym without it.  I am a podcast junkie.  I download my favorite "shows" and listen to them while I walk.  On any given walk to no where, I might be listening to a wonderful podcast about books and reading called "Books On the Nightstand", or very possibly I'll be listening to a cooking and eating podcast called "The Splendid Table".  Tonight, my podcast of choice was "The Best of Mike and Mike" from ESPN radio and television.  I was eager to hear what those two sports guys had to say about our Final Four-bound Mountaineers. 

Unfortunately, way before their conversation turned to college basketball, my legs turned into cramping, pain-shooting extensions of my body.  At just about that same moment, the treadmill went in to "hill mode" and I let go of the treadmill hand grip just long enought to switch the iPod from podcasting to music, FAST music to get me up the hill. 

I need to pause here and explain that I share an iTunes account with the children.  They are much like their father in their music choices, save a few.  I need also to explain that I, over a year into iPod ownership, am still a bit confused about how to get exactly what I want from the iTunes account into my iPod.  Just when I think I have the skill mastered, something happens to prove my ineptitude.

When I chose my peppy music I was pleased to hear a selection from the kids' playlist by Toby Mac, followed by a group called Tenth Avenue North.  The next song to spur me on was one of my own by Bart Millard.  The next song to hit my ears was "Fly With Me" by none other than the Jonas Brothers.  I have never intentionally downloaded anything by this band of singing brothers, the rhythm was right, however, so I kept on steppin'. 

That's when it happened.  Before I knew it I was reaching up to the speed button, increasing the speed, and then my feet, one at a time, left the belt. 

I was RUNNING and it felt good.  My legs uncramped, and I was still breathing.  The world wasn't ending.  "Fly with me..." sang the boys in my ear and so I did.  Mind you, I never let go of the handles, so I probably looked more like a woman running while pushing a grocery cart than a graceful gazelle. But, I did it.  I ran for at least 1/8th of a mile! 

Not much I know, but I repeated this great feat two times.  It's a start.  What those two itty, bitty bursts of "speed" did changed my language.  Later that evening, while in conversation with my Man, I'd drop phrases like, "While I was running..." or "Tomorrow, when I go for a run...".  Somehow, my Man (who runs between and three and five miles a few times a week) kept from laughing me out of the room!

I look forward to returning to the treadmill to try my new trick again and I'll have lots of inspiration.  We've another birthday to celebrate this weekend and it involves a large ice cream cake.  I'll keep my "running" shoes close!!


G'ma suz said...

Proud of ya! However, it seems like yesterday those shoes claimed a dark blue color which made Mickey Mouse stand out vividly. Oh well, Mickey probably couldn't have kept up the pace anyway. Love, MOM

Becky said...

Keep the pace baby, keep the pace! I'll "join" you on my treadmill.

Sudeana said...

My reply when friends ask if I run (as if they even need to ask - I think they ask to be kind) is, "Only if a bear is chasing me." I am so proud of you for really doing it!! If you start to give in just picture a bear hot on your tracks (or belt) You go girl!!:)

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